How To Break Apart And Remove Deteriorating Concrete Sidewalk Slabs

The effects of winter can be particularly harsh on concrete sidewalks. Water from snow melt and rain can get into the pores and cracks of the sidewalks during a thaw period. When the freezing temperatures return, the water will turn into ice and expand inside the pores and cracks. Expanding ice can break apart the concrete slabs to the point they are no longer safe to walk over. You will need to remove the broken slab and put in a new one to repair the sidewalk and make it safe for people to use it. If you are a new homeowner who has never had to break apart a slab of concrete to remove it, here’s how you can do

3 Concrete Patio Issues And How To Repair Them

Cracked and damaged concrete patios can take away from your enjoyment of your outdoor seating and entertaining areas. Before taking a jackhammer to the patio and starting over, use the following guide to determine whether your patio can be repaired by a skilled contractor. Issue #1: Pitting Pitting typically occurs from either age and weathering that has allowed moisture to get into the concrete, or from the use of salt-based ice melt products. In some cases, it is possible to repair minor pitting by removing the loose concrete material and applying a concrete patch. Keep in mind, the patched area will be visible because it isn’t possible to match the aged patina of the old concrete to the new patch.

Tips To Cleaning And Preserving Your Concrete Statues & Ornamentals

Statues, along with other types of concrete ornamentals, are a nice addition to help accent different things. They are especially appealing when used in various places in your landscaping.  This means that the statues will need to endure the elements. You will need to periodically maintain them to help them keep their beauty. Here are some tips to clean and preserve your concrete statues and ornamentals. Cleaning Your Statue To clean your statue, you’re going to need 4 simple items. Bucket with plain water Soft brush Scrub Brush Toothbrush The reason that plain water is strongly recommended is because concrete is porous and will soak up whatever might be in the liquid you use to clean your statue. Vinegars and