Creating Gorgeous Concrete Flooring

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Creating Gorgeous Concrete Flooring

When I purchased a penthouse with concrete floors, I was worried about how the space would look with all of my furniture. After moving a few things in, I realized that I was going to have to change something to make it look acceptable. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended concrete staining and polishing as a way to create a gorgeous floor. We worked with a professional concrete contractor who was able to do the work. When he was finished staining the flooring, it looked amazing. Check out this blog for more information about the benefits of stained concrete flooring.


3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Decorate Concrete

If you live in a region of the country that's been affected by drought, you've probably been looking for ways to cut back on water usage in your yard. One way is to switch to drought-resistant plants. Another way is to replace your lawns with decorative concrete. If you're worried that your new concrete won't always look fresh, don't be. There are several ways that you can help maintain the beauty of your concrete for many years. Here are three simple ways to extend the life of your decorative concrete.

Polymer Coating

Regardless of how durable concrete is, it can still wear out. Over time, your new concrete may develop chips, cracks and other damage marks. If left untreated, the damage can cause the stability of your concrete to be compromised. Polymer coating can help extend the life of your concrete.

During this process, your concrete contractor will apply a layer of concrete polymer to the surface of your existing concrete. This process will preserve your concrete and protect it from damage. Concrete resurfacing also protects against efflorescence, which is the white salt deposits that can form on the surface of your concrete.

Acid Staining

If you want to protect your concrete and give it a truly unique look, you'll want to consider acid staining.  With acid staining, your concrete will no longer have the distinctive grey color normally associated with patios and porches. When you choose acid staining for your decorative concrete, you'll get to choose the color and designs that will be used around your home. Acid staining won't wear out over time, so your concrete will always look freshly finished.

Patio Overlay Tiles

You want a concrete patio, but you want to give it a creative appearance. You also want to protect the concrete from wear and tear. That's where patio tiles come in handy. Patio tiles are individual tile pieces that can be laid right on top of your existing concrete. The great thing about patio tiles is that they're available in an assortment of materials, such as wood, and heavy-duty interlocking foam pieces.

Now that it's time to switch to drought-resistant landscaping, you'll want to consider decorative concrete. Decorative concrete looks beautiful with any type of home. The ideas provided above will help you give your home a distinctive look while preserving your new concrete. For additional information, be sure to contact a concrete contractor in your area.