Creating Gorgeous Concrete Flooring

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Creating Gorgeous Concrete Flooring

When I purchased a penthouse with concrete floors, I was worried about how the space would look with all of my furniture. After moving a few things in, I realized that I was going to have to change something to make it look acceptable. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended concrete staining and polishing as a way to create a gorgeous floor. We worked with a professional concrete contractor who was able to do the work. When he was finished staining the flooring, it looked amazing. Check out this blog for more information about the benefits of stained concrete flooring.


How To Use Leftover Cement

If you have just had a concrete job done and you have some leftover cement, then you may as well use some of it to do other things around the yard so none goes to waste. There are many different things that you can make out of concrete that can serve as a piece of décor, as well as a functional piece. Try some of the creative ideas provided here to make great pieces for your yard out of some of that leftover concrete.

Make your own stepping stones

You can make your own unique stepping stones with designs that you create yourself. If you have kids, this is a great way to get them involved in a project that's fun. It will also provide you with a long-lasting souvenir that you can enjoy for years to come.

To make the stepping stones, you want to spray a round cake pan with some non-stick cooking spray and slowly pour the concrete mix in the pan until it comes to the top of the pan. Tap the pan, going all the way around it, to remove air bubbles and help the concrete mixture settle properly.

Decorate the top of the stepping stone using a method you like. You can put your hand or your child's hand into it in order to create handprint stepping stones. You can also use a pencil to handwrite a special message on it. Another method for decorating it is to gently press broken pieces of colorful glass into the concrete to make a mosaic piece. Once it dries completely, you can remove it from the pan and proudly display it.

Make a small garden stool

You can make a small garden stool that will add a nice touch to your garden area and give you a place to sit. To make the seat part, you can use a deep round pan or a bucket that has been cut so it's now only a few inches deep.

Pour the concrete into the mold and place three or four thick sticks that are all the same length into the concrete. You only want the sticks to go in about three-quarters of the way. They should be angled a bit inward when you put them in the cement so they are going to give you good support when you turn the stool right side up. Once the concrete is dry, you can remove the stool from the mold and set it in your garden area.

Now that you know what to do with some of that left over cement from your project, you can have a good time adding to your yard. If you don't have leftover concrete but want to do these projects, contact a company like Hanson Aggregates to get some cement.