Creating Gorgeous Concrete Flooring

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Creating Gorgeous Concrete Flooring

When I purchased a penthouse with concrete floors, I was worried about how the space would look with all of my furniture. After moving a few things in, I realized that I was going to have to change something to make it look acceptable. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended concrete staining and polishing as a way to create a gorgeous floor. We worked with a professional concrete contractor who was able to do the work. When he was finished staining the flooring, it looked amazing. Check out this blog for more information about the benefits of stained concrete flooring.


Six Mistakes To Avoid When You Order Concrete For Your Worksite

Making the proper preparations when you order concrete mix is important to ensuring that concrete is poured efficiently and effectively. Ready mix is the most commonly used concrete, and that's what we'll discuss here.

You can be confident that you'll avoid problems when your concrete order arrives by being sure that you don't make the following six mistakes when you order concrete:

Neglecting to take specific measurements of the dimensions you need to fill in

The only way you can know for sure exactly how much concrete you need to order is to take precise measurements. You need to measure the length, depth, and width of the area you need to fill with concrete.

Remember that you will need to dispose of excess concrete, and this could be surprisingly expensive. Take accurate measurements to avoid unnecessary expenses. 

Procrastinating about preparing your worksite for cement arrival

You're going to be charged extra for the order if the driver has to wait around before pouring the concrete. 

The more prepared you are for the arrival of your concrete, the easier it will be to finish the job with minimal extra costs and without any incidents. The job site needs to be prepped so that concrete can be poured immediately. 

Working with concrete without the appropriate safety equipment around your site

It's important to stock up on the necessary safety equipment as part of your prep work for concrete arrival. Safety equipment protects workers from injury and can also speed up the job.

Safety equipment for concrete work includes goggles to protect the eyes as well as a hard hat and gloves to protect the skin. 

Failing to place reinforcement in concrete when necessary

It's important that you're working with a concrete specialist or engineer if you're not sure whether your job requires steel or wire mesh reinforcement in the concrete.

Concrete foundations and structures can deteriorate quickly without necessary reinforcement, so make sure that you're not overlooking this important component of concrete structures.

Not ordering a little extra

While you want to take precise measurements and avoid ordering excess amounts of concrete, you want to be absolutely sure that you've ordered enough.

An entire foundation or concrete structure should be poured all at once, so don't complicate the job by coming up short when the concrete is poured. 

Failing to cover concrete as it dries to avoid cracks

Ideally, concrete should be covered with either a dampened fabric material or plastic as it dries. A cover helps to prevent cracks from forming on the surface of the concrete.